Housing Stabilization Services
Housing Stabilization Services   Southwestern Community Services, Inc. Housing Stabilization Services Program provides direct and immediate care to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or whose housing is at risk in Cheshire, Sullivan, and Western Hillsboro counties (and sometimes beyond). We are able to do this through the following programs:
Emergency Shelter
This program offers short term emergency shelter to alleviate a housing crisis. Access is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are four facilities in Cheshire and Sullivan counties.

Please call the Cheshire County shelter at 603.357.1654 or the Sullivan County shelter at 603.542.3160 for more information about the Emergency Shelter Program or Housing Stabilization Counseling.
Housing Stabilization Counseling
A comprehensive housing plan to transition individuals and families back into their communities in safe affordable housing includes:
  • Daily/weekly meetings with Emergency Housing Coordinator
  • Needs and Goals assessments
  • Referrals and support for substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Budget counseling and savings program
  • Life skills workshops to include parenting, nutrition, time management, family planning
  • Off-site referrals to job readiness training
  • Telephone access
  • Tenancy 101, Life Skills and Financial Literacy classes
Homeless Outreach
The goal of the Homeless Outreach Program is to connect with anyone who is facing eviction or currently experiencing homelessness. Outreach seeks to aid these people with providing supplies, food and resources to help prevent eviction or obtain stable housing through coordinated entry.

Please call 211.

Permanent Housing Units for Homeless Individuals and Families
We have developed properties dedicated to providing housing for homeless individuals and families.

Shelter Plus Care Program
Rental Assistance vouchers are provided to homeless individuals and families throughout Cheshire and Sullivan counties who are afflicted with serious mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues. The goal of this program is to provide a sense of stability and permanency to these individuals and families and to link them to available public assistance programs, job training, and other opportunities. In time, the recipients of rental assistance will actually be able to reduce their reliance upon this assistance and free up the resources to help an even greater number of individuals.

Rapid Re-Housing Program
Time-limited rental assistance vouchers and in-home housing supports are provided to individuals and families to help homeless people transition more rapidly out of the shelter system or to avoid a shelter stay altogether. The primary goal is to stabilize a consumer in permanent housing as quickly as possible.
For more information about the Permanent Housing Program, the Shelter Plus Care Program, or the Rapid Re-Housing Program, please call our CEP Coordinator at 603.719.4243
Housing Security Guarantee Program
This program provides no interest loans to eligible consumers for rental security deposits. An application for this program may be printed for your convenience.

Homeless Housing Access Revolving Loan Fund
No interest loans are provided to eligible homeless consumers for rental security deposits and/or first month’s rent.

Services under this program help an individual or family who is in imminent danger of becoming homeless. This includes landlord/tenant mediation, one-time financial supports, budget counseling, and referrals to other resources. For your convenience, an application for this program may be printed.
Please call 603.719.4226 or 603.719.4295 to obtain an application or to learn more about the Housing Security Guarantee Program, the Rental Guarantee Program and the Prevention/Intervention Program.
Tenancy 101
During this five-hour class, participants will learn what to look for in an apartment; how to complete a rental application; what to expect in and how to prepare for an interview; whether or not the apartment is affordable to them; what a lease is; how to be a good neighbor; the pros of rental insurance; what is considered normal wear and tear; landlord/tenant rights; the eviction process; Section 8 housing; Housing Assistance Coupon Voucher programs; and lots more.

Life Skills Classes
Obstacles to self-reliance include the lack of information and the tools to expedite lasting behavioral change. Our consumers often need assistance in acquiring knowledge in the basic skills of daily living, such as budgeting, work ethics, personal and time management, nutrition, and parenting. Therefore, the Life Skills Program has been established to provide these basic survival abilities in an five-hour day.

Financial Literacy
This seven hour course is designed to provide the tools and skills needed to make sound, wise, informed financial decisions and choices on everyday matters that will help to move your life in a forward direction. You will learn how to assess your situation, cut expenses, save for unexpected emergencies and learn about resources that may be available to you.
To obtain an application or to learn more about the Tenancy 101, Financial Literacy, and Life Skills classes, please call 603.719.4295
Food Pantry
The Food Pantry is a tool used in many of the other Housing Stabilization programs to help consumers lessen their financial burdens. When consumers apply for Fuel Assistance, Homeless Prevention Funds, Workforce Development, and WIC programs, a budget form is completed. Sometimes it is found that consumers are not able to purchase food or other necessary items because a lot of their income is spent on rent/mortgage, auto payments, fuel, child care, and so on. It has also been found that some consumers are not paying their rent/mortgage, purchasing fuel, paying taxes or auto payments because they need to purchase food and other necessary items. In response to this, SCS operates a small pantry that programs can use as a supplement to consumers’ budgets. A couple days’ worth of food or personal care items or a week’s worth of diapers can go a long way in someone’s budget.
For more information about the Food Pantry, please call 603.352.7512
Household Goods Donation Program
SCS’ Housing Stabilization Services program accepts donations of household goods (gently used beds, bureaus, kitchen furniture, dishes, etc.) to give to consumers moving out of homeless shelters into independent housing, who are in need of such items. Please contact 603.719.4225 to check on our current need. (please note: we cannot accept clothing at this time)
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